UPDATE: 110 MPs and peers call for Universal Basic Income → Read and sign their letter now.

Basic Income is a monthly payment everyone receives. Forever.


What would a Basic Income mean for you? For people around you?

Basic Income is a big idea. It has the potential to transform our society and provide security for everyone in the UK. But to get it right, we can't rely on academic papers and pilots alone. That's why we're launching a national listening campaign to find out what people think about basic income and how it could work for us all. Whether you're new to the idea or have heard about it before, we're inviting you to join the Basic Income Conversation.


21 April 2020

110 MPs and Peers call for a Universal Basic Income

MPs and Peers from seven parties call on the Chancellor to introduce a Recovery Universal Basic Income in response to the economic uncertainty of COVID-19. Read and co-sign their joint statement now.


Our economy is changing. Automation and climate change threaten to create even more instability in our lives.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. We can afford to cover people’s basic needs so they are secure during these periods of change. 

Basic Income is a regular payment made to everyone without conditions. You can spend it on whatever you like and it will be there for you throughout your life. 

Towns and cities across the UK want to trial the policy and the global interest in the idea is at an all time high. Up until now the discussion around Basic Income has been led by academic papers, politics and pilots. But now it’s time to learn what people in the UK think of the idea.

The Basic Income Conversation is a year long project. Working with local communities and civil society groups to understand what a Basic Income could do for the UK. It might be chatting with your friends and family, learning at events, bringing the concept into your work or starting a local group. We offer toolkits and training to help you have the Basic Income Conversation. 

Our plan

Working with the world’s experts to understand evidence about Basic Income.

Sharing the information and stories that explain the impact of a Basic Income.

Building a national movement to secure a Basic Income for the UK.