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January 17, 2023

Basic Income and Our Mental Health

There is far too little discussion about the links between mental health and the thing we’ve all worried about at some point in our lives: money. Basic Income Conversation has long been investigating the link between basic income and mental health. Now we're using our seminar series to shine a light on the topic.


Join the call for a basic income.

This letter sees historic levels of political support for a basic income, with peers, mayors, councillors and members of every parliament and assembly in the UK endorsing basic income pilots across all four nations, including Sadiq Khan, Andy Burnham, Caroline Lucas, Tracy Brabin, Clive Lewis, Christine Jardine, Ronnie Cowan and John McDonnell. These politicians are joined by trade union leaders, psychologists, community leaders, organisers, theatre directors, political whistleblowers and civil society leaders in calling for this policy.


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