Research Network

There is a powerful, global knowledge base on basic income

People have been talking about basic income for centuries. Right now, there are researchers, from a wide variety of disciplines, producing the most advanced work on basic income ever produced.

The more these researchers connect and build on each other's work the more we understand about the right route to a basic income.


Our Research Network brings together the people behind this cutting edge research so they can share ideas and knowledge.

We feed their research into the Basic Income Conversation to make sure the work happening across the UK is informed by data and evidence.

If you're a researcher working on basic income we'd love to have you as part of the network.



Our Research Network seminars are back! We'll be hosting a seminar every other month, learning from the global experts on basic income.

You can watch back all our previous instalments of the Seminar Series on our YouTube channel.

Here's a few of our past seminars, and remember to subscribe to the channel and to our mailing list to find out when the next events are!


Anyone can attend our Research Network seminars to hear Conversations that dig into the latest research and issues for basic income.

And if you are a researcher working on basic income we want to hear from you.

You can join our growing Network to share your work, learn from others and contribute to the Basic Income Conversation.

We host regular meet ups for the members of the Network. Work with them to produce resources and events that present their work in an accessible form to the wider public. We connect researchers with the politicians and activists who are often the most vocal members of the basic income movement.