Putting Basic Income on the Political Agenda

"It's not left. It's not right. It's forward."

Basic Income has the unique ability to draw support from across the political spectrum but we need politicians to show leadership and sign a basic income into legislation.

And it's our job to pave the way for politicians to walk down by demonstrating it's feasible and popular.

Whether that's tomorrow or at the next election in 2024, a full national roll out or a pilot.

For a change of this magnitude, it's going to take cross-party support from all levels of government across the UK. That's what we're building.


  1. We support party activists to embed basic income within the major political parties, establishing basic income in each party's policy platforms
  2. We support politicians of all stripes to work together cross-party to put basic income at the top of the political agenda at every level of government.


We've supported the formation of Labour for a Basic Income and Lib Dems for a Basic Income who are taking action to embed basic income in each party.

If you'd like to get involved with either, click below!

Labour for a Basic Income
Lib Dems for a Basic Income

Other parties support Basic Income too as cross-party support begins to spread. The Green Party are long term supporters of basic income. The SNP in Scotland, Plaid Cymru in Wales, and Alliance Party in Northern Ireland support versions of basic income and are actively exploring pilots. There are some Conservatives in favour too. If you'd like to set up a basic income group within your party, get in touch! We're here to support.

Cross Party Parliamentary Local Government Working Group On UBI (CPPLG)

A basic income in the UK will require cooperation at all levels of government across all four nations. That's why we've partnered with the UBI Lab Network to secretariat the Cross-Party Parliamentary Local Government (CPPLG) Working Group on UBI. Chaired by Christine Jardine MP, Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesperson, the group is open to MPs, peers, Mayors, local councillors, and members of devolved assemblies.

Can you encourage your local representative to join the CPPLG?



It's not the circumstances we wanted but the coming months are a huge opportunity to position basic income at the heart of the levelling up and build back better agenda. Basic income can be our generation's NHS, building a system fit to face the challenges of the 21st century.

We've been at the heart of calls for a recovery basic income in response to the pandemic. As well helping to form the CPPLG, we helped coordinate a letter signed by over 25,000 people and 110 MPs and Peers calling on Rishi Sunak to introduce a basic income, which was covered in the Financial Times.


We also partnered with Organise and UBI Lab Network to gather over 20,000 responses to the Work and Pensions Select Committee's call for evidence on basic income. Check out the UK map of stories of what people would do with a basic income and you can watch back the Committee's discussion here.


Working with partners, we were able to coordinate over 500 politicians to write to Rishi Sunak calling on the government to back basic income pilots, which was covered in the Guardian. The Scottish Government has conducted a feasibility study into what pilots would look like there, which you can read our briefing on. The Welsh Senedd have passed a motion to explore pilots in Wales and we've partnered with Autonomy to produce a report for the Future Generations Commission, which you can read here. Almost 30 local authorities across the country have passed motions backing basic income too, many of which have been coordinated by the UBI Lab Network. If you'd like your local council to pass a motion on basic income, get in touch with them.