Civil Society Conversations

Basic income has the potential to impact all aspects of our lives.

But what does that mean for the work of thousands of civil society organisations active in our communities? How would it change their work? Are there any potential unintended consequences? What considerations would we need to make when designing the policy to ensure basic income works for all?

A basic income goes to everyone. Everyone should have their say in what it looks like.

We're working with civil society leaders to explore how basic income intersects with different issues and in turn shaping a basic income that works for all.

From mental health to modern slavery. From food security to faith. From climate justice to racial justice. We're ensuring all angles are covered.


We help organisations to start Basic Income Conversations in their sector.

We identify and support civil society leaders to build teams that can take action and make the case for basic income from unique angles.

Together, those sectors are forming a powerful coalition of charities, businesses, pressure groups and voluntary organisations - all calling for basic income.


Can you host a Basic Income Conversation with your organisation? We've created toolkits to support you and we offer expert support in supporting you with your conversations.

It could start with your staff team, with your members, with your service users - or with others in your sector. The Conversation will grow and spread.

But it starts with you. Who will you have your first conversation with?

Get in touch today to arrange a Conversation